1. IT Issues
    1. Implementation of Cyber Risk Management Program (Software) onboard based on asset inventory per vessel (risk management)
    2. Network (Logical Data) Diagram per ship
    3. Software / Patch Management policies onboard the vessel
    4. Office Security Arrangements / Manual
    5. IT Security Audit (office / ship) (GDPR audit could be a base)
    6. BCP Arrangements
    7. Travel Policy
    8. Password Policy
    9. Social Media Policy (Seafarers)
    10. BYOD Policy
    11. Removable media policy (e-waste from ships and office – in line with GDRP)
  2. HSQE Issues
    1. The new Manual (Lemur will provide)
    2. The new logbooks required onboard (Lemur will provide)
    3. Training for shore people
    4. Training for onboard people
    5. Internal Auditor for Cyber Security Audit (Certificate by BV)
    6. New Forms for Cyber (20 new forms are required or will be merged)
    7. Table – top exercise prior 31-12-2020 on Cyber Security with Company Cyber ERT
    8. Integration of SMS Procedures with Cyber Procedures
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